Privacy Concerns with Evernote

 Privacy Concerns with Evernote

Evernote, an online notes-syncing service has been faced with numerous setbacks to make you want to exit the service. Recurring issues like security breaches, raising privacy concerns, and its inevitable closure are among the major reasons you should quit the service. Here here’s why.

Your job at Evernote is not guaranteed

Months ago, Evernote was in what it calls a death spiral that oversaw most changes of its senior executives. Recently, TechCrunch reported that the company decided to lay off up to 15% of its global workforce. What is sad about the news is that they broke the news to the laid-off personnel in an all-hands meeting. Drawing from the report, the CEO of Evernote had told his employees that they had no other option but to let go of 54 employees. Their big excuse was that they wanted to turn their focus on product development as well as engineering. As ideal as their objectives might be, we believe that this goes against all employee protection acts. The best thing they could have done was to warn the employees in prior. Also, TechCrunch also reported almost the same time that the company lost their top executives, including their CTO, CFO, CPO, and HR head as well.

Evernote app will take control of your device

According to MakeUseOf, all Evernote apps will only work properly once you grant them permission to your device controls. For instance, the apps will not work unless you grant them control over your device microphone, phone calls, and SMS controls. Evernote is now premium, meaning it will limit crucial features for users on a free plan, including no access to notes when in offline mode, restricted two-account login per session, a limited bandwidth, and no email forwarding while on the service. According to our policies, a service that denies its user’s certain crucial privileges, because they are on a free plan, it should be avoided.

In Evernote anyone, including its employees can read your personal data

A report published by Ripoff Report in 2013, claimed that a former Evernote user had forwarded his complaints about how Evernote had allowed an ex-employee to view his personal data on his Evernote account. The complainant further added that Evernote had refused to look into the matter, despite him raising concerns. In 2016, TechCrunch covered another shocking move by Evernote that saw users threaten to leave the service for good. In the report, Evernote had updated its Privacy Policies that allowed its employees to have access to your personal information on their service. The company in their announcement, they said, “While our computer systems do a pretty good job, sometimes a limited amount of human review is simply unavoidable to make sure everything is working exactly as it should.” Drawing from this statement, we conclude that the company puts its customers ‘data in the hands of employees who can decide to compromise your data anytime. We ask, why should you allow your data to be at the mercy of a company that readily monitors your activities.

Evernote might close down anytime

Rumors about the inevitable closure of Evernote have been surfacing for months. According to AppleInsider, the recent seemingly desperate moves by Evernote to lay off everyone is arguably proof of the instability at the company. The report warns that the company may be on its way to closure, and users should start moving their data from the site. According to an earlier report, Evernote had laid off its top executives in a move to raise funds for its operations. However, the fact that Evernote is a software company, which is also lacking operational funds, should be enough reason for you to stop using the service. Although the operation of migrating your stored data on the site might prove difficult, we advise you persevere and ensure your data safety before it is too late.


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