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Privacy Concerns with Google

Like Facebook, Google collects enormous user data. If you read Google’s privacy settings carefully, you will be shocked, by how much data Google gets to collect from you. Personal data ranging from Google searches, YouTube favorites, Chrome’s browsing history, Audio, and video apps, as well as Google maps tracking your every location. Moreover, the company has made it so hard for one to opt out of some of its services since they are centered in our lives already. In any case, we will still urge you to go through the tedious process of leaving Google and its products, and enjoy the results.

We looked into top injustices committed by Google, with the hope you will see reason, never to use Google again.

Google leads at enacting unlawful censorships

Google remains a top-dog in enacting censors unlawfully. An August report by The Intercept leaked the secret plans of Google to censor searches in China. The unspeakable move to censor the Chinese search engine sparkled a demonstration among employees who demanded improved transparency and justification of the secret project. The war between the company and its employees saw multiple employees resign their positions, amid the protests.

Following the chain of events, Google through its selected employees leaked research presentation to Breitbart News. The aim was to try and fight back and assure users that their censors are with good intention – a classical illustration of the company is bossing freedom of speech. The presentation that was titled ‘The Good Censor’ was later published by RedirectingAt, entailed multiple findings, insights of contributions and interviews with various journalists and philosophers as well. Another subsequent report claimed that Google was now even cracking down employees who dared protest against its censors.

Google still conducts surveillance of your every move, both online and offline

Google has amassed such power, it can now track you wherever you are, and it will collect data on what you do each second. Right from Google Maps locating all places you go, your YouTube activity, Chrome’s browser history, and Google searches tracking as well; Google has access to you anytime, and anywhere. According to The Guardian, Google also knows every app you use on your devices.

Mark Ames, an author at an Associate Press that majors in uncovering Google’s private doings, posted on his Twitter account that governments through big techs are using the internet as a global surveillance system. Moreover, according to Nest Lab, since 2015, Google has been ordered by the government to issue its smart Home user data, 300 times. According to the published report, because of the data handed over, the government has since had data of 526 smart home users.

Google has dangerous backdoors

Since time memorial, we’ve since news making headlines about various Google backdoors. According to a September report by The Verge, it cited an incident which happened to Pixel owners following the Android 9 Pie release. The device users noticed a sudden change in the software’ battery saver feature which was turned on without their knowledge. And according to Reddit, some users were in doubt whether they had made the change themselves without remembering. An earlier report by Android Police claimed that the incident was first assumed to be a minor error in the just-released Android 9 version.

While this incident is not the first, we have seen similar reports in the past, including the kill switch report that claimed Google developers would delete apps remotely without the consent of the device owners.

Also, Google in their terms and conditions for the ChromeOS, they admitted that they have a backdoor that allows other affiliate companies to have access to your Chrome devices.

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