Privacy Concerns with Discord

 Privacy Concerns with Discord

Discord, a new-gen chatting platform designed for gamers, recorded a user base of 100 million registered users in 2017. The app has extended its reach to the dark web, despite its lack of end-to-end encryption as Beeping Computer reports. And while this chatting service for online gamers might be helpful to many, there are security concerns that have been surfacing since its inception. Have a look at the reasons why you should not use Discord anymore.

Discord keylogging attacks

The Discord app seems to be encouraging keylogging attacks on its users. We’ve seen multiple complaints from Discord users about their security fears when on the Discord app, the latest being months ago. A registered user on Discord took his complaints on the apps forum on Reddit, where he categorically said he felt his details were being keylogged by attackers. The users further argued that he and his friends on Discord had written continuously to the support agents of the app, but did not get any response. The user added that Discord should not allow users to register with them without proper verification, for the sake of the existing members.

Constant attacks targeting Discord users

According to Best Security Searchers, various security experts have made disturbing discoveries about how cyber-criminals are developing their skill of targeting unsuspecting online users – Discord users being the latest target. The report further says that a recent attack targeted the VoIP application designed for Discord users.

Moreover, hackers have since become more consistent with their attacks on Discord, with the aim of delivering malware to the gamers. They perform this attacks by gaining access to the chat servers before having complete control over the Discord system. Elsewhere, Symantec security experts too discovered that Discord has for a while been attacked. Their VoIP servers had been compromised, storing NanoCore, njRAT, SpyRAT malware, that was used to blackmail Discord users and still their credentials as well.

Best Security Searchers also reported that security researchers had notified Discord about various security breaches. However, Discord this time was quick to act, by taking countermeasures to curb the already occurred breach.

Discord could expose your kids and siblings to bad influence online

Discord can be a bad influence on your kids, if not properly monitored. Parents and guardians who allow their kids to use Discord without proper monitoring may end up suffering the consequences. Since Discord accommodates even young users with ages as low as 13 years old, it means these kids can get online and chat with anyone. However, Discord has placed settings that parents can use to restrict the friends their kids can chat with.

Discord has awful privacy settings

According to a registered Discord user, the chatting app doesn’t have standardized privacy policies that can keep their user data private and secure. The user further urges Discord to employ the P2P security technique for improved online privacy. However, we both know this will take forever to be implemented by the service.

Discord offers poor support to its registered users

Discord support staff are recording poor support ratings from the registered gamers. We took notice of a user who took his complaints on Reddit to voice his unattended concerns. In his post, the user addresses Discord support staff directly about their poor service, where he urges them to improve their zeal and attitude to support gamers on the platform. The user also condemned the users for their usual answer phrase “we’re working on it,” an answer that doesn’t get effected in a long time.

Discord is a non-free software

Non-free software apps tend to control what the users have access to, and what they cannot. These types of apps will always collect user data without their consent, making it easy for attackers to get a collective list of all user details.


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