Privacy Concerns with Apple

 Privacy Concerns with Apple

While Apple might be seemingly an attractive brand to covet, there are practices carried by the company that should alarm you. Here are the reasons why you should avoid using Apple products.

Apple is in league with authorities to spy on you

In 2011, WikiLeaks published a report claiming that Apple was in association with the local authority to spy on all iPhone users. According to the report, Spyflies was the name given to documents about the “mass interception industry”, as per the 9/11 surveillance group that scanned all users.

Recently, Independent said that Apple and its competitor Google were questioned by US lawmakers on whether they spy on its users. The ECC (Energy and Commerce Committee) wrote to the two companies demanding to know whether these companies spied on users. Other surfacing reports claimed that their smartphones could at times collect unmonitored audio information of the users.

Apple has censorships

Back in July 2018, Apple carried out censorship on China, where it banned an emoji symbolizing a Taiwan flag. Patrick Wardle, a renowned security researcher, published on his personal blog the discovery he had made about the censored Taiwan flag in China. After extensive studying the Apple’s code, he discovered that the iOS 11 had banned the emoji in Apple’s messaging platforms. He further expounded that the ban only applied when you are on the China soil. However, he said that if one was to change their handset location probably using a VPN, then the Taiwan flag emoji automatically gets censored.

In another instance, Telegraph recently reported another Apple censorship, this time on Dr Dre’s new series that was made to be their flagship. When asked, Tim Cook, Apple CEO argued that the flagship TV drama was too violent to be showed to the public. This came amid anticipations that the new TV show was set to be the head of original content of worth $1 billion.

Apple will fight you over the right to repair your broken iPhone

Susan Talamantes, a US Senate member, said to MotherBoard that she wishes Apple can explain why they are strongly opposed and stood against laws that will make it easier for its members. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal reported another Apple incident in Australia, where the local authorities fined the company for failing to offer free fixes for their products. The Australian court ordered Apple to pay a $6.7 million penalty; this came after the company had refused to offer repairs for devices that were affected by the error 53. The error 53 was caused by the attempt to download an update to the already existing operating system.

In Norway, Apple was also taken to court where it lost a case to a local electronics shop that was shipping Apple parts for resale. Moreover, the Norwegian court ruled in favor of the local, claiming that the alleged logo brands on the shipped parts was not clear.

Apple is reluctant on paying the tax to the federal government.

Apple has always come up with ways of avoiding tax compliance in multiple countries worldwide. For instance, in 2012, Apple made Ireland their scapegoat, with the aim of avoiding federal tax payment. However, following the new European Commission’s state aid investigations into Ireland, Apple sort to restructure its tax evasion strategy. The new strategy involved Apple moving its non-us property to Ireland, moving its cash to Jersey, and its intellectual property to Ireland. The assistance Apple has been receiving from Ireland has enabled the company to avoid again paying federal tax from its non-US sales.

Poor working conditions for Apple workers

Early this year, Apple prolonged its poor track record of poor working conditions of the employees. Like before, a supplier in China was flagged for having no knowledge of best factory working conditions. According to Bloomberg, workers at the factory are forced to stand for up to ten hours in these workshops; where they overwork themselves to produce iPhone spare parts. Due to the overall poor pay from Apple down to its supplier industries, the actual workers end up getting little from the whole operation. A classical illustration that Apple doesn’t care about its employees.


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