Facebook Privacy Abuses

 Facebook Privacy Abuses

In 2017, Facebook boasted 2.2 billion active users on a monthly basis. Meaning the company now has an influence cutting across people of all diversity. The social media app has become so common, that everyone is expected to have an account with them. However, over the years, the company has been engaged in multiple unlawful issues, including, security concerns, privacy issues, data breaches, unnecessary censors and many more. Earlier this year, various reports went viral about lawsuits filed against the social media giant over user data management.

Top that up, here are some major reasons why you should not use Facebook again.

Facebook constantly tracks your internet activities

Consumer Reports published an article claiming that Facebook tracks your online activity even when you’re not on the app. According to the report, Facebook, which was recently caught up between Cambridge Analytica’s privacy concerns for its user data collection, seemed to continue its user data collection unlawfully. Although Facebook, appeared to pledge a move against the issue, we’ve hardly seen them take measures on its data collection technique. The fact that Facebook can track your activities, even when you’re not registered with them, is shocking. It is time you took back your online privacy.

Elsewhere, Facebook lost a case with the Belgian government, about the unlawful ways the social media app uses to collect user data. Following the loss of the case, Facebook was fined an approximated value of $125 million, and a court order to delete all the user data it had belonging to Belgian users.

Facebook seems to allow Fake news

Various economic and political parties have been using Facebook, as a platform to spread fake news to users. This follows the company’s effort to position itself as a news portal for online users. The company seems to have been so desperate to the point of allowing users to spread unverified news; some which have led to political and economic disagreements.

A report by Engadget claimed that due to pressure; Facebook is pulling fake measures to try and curb the issue of false news going around the social media platform. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied complaints from users and other bodies, claiming that the news posted on the social media platform is authentic. In his post, he firmly said that Facebook is not quick into fact-checking everything posted on the platform.

Facebook’s endless privacy concerns

This year, Facebook has been caught in a series of endless privacy concerns, that should get you worried. According to the New York Times, Facebook recently gave most device manufacturers private data of users and friends. The report confirmed that Facebook had already entered a signed partnership with multiple device makers, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, as well as BlackBerry to share your user data – all this without your knowledge or agreement. Earlier this year, The Verge also reported that Facebook’s biggest privacy concern is the alarming number of shadow-profiles on the platform. These shadow profiles according to the Senate hearing held, are meant to collect user data whether they are on Facebook or not. There was also a siting that most third-party application integrated on the platform used these technique to collect user data.

Moreover, according to The Guardian back in 2010, Zuckerberg quoted that, “Simply put, many of you thought our [privacy] controls were too complex. Our intention was to give you lots of granular controls, but that may not have been what many of you wanted. We just missed the mark.”

Elsewhere, Bloomberg published that next Facebook’s meltdown; we may see new privacy regulations in place. But it remains clear that the new regulations will take a while before fully taking effect. We ask, are you willing to wait for that long?

Facebook still conducts censors

Facebook will never stop to conduct censors unlawfully. In July 2018, The Washington Post published an article about a censored post belonging to a newspaper journal, The Vindicator, which they flagged as hate speech. The post that was the latest installment about the Declaration of Independence was banned by Facebook, claiming that the post was racist. According to a statement by the news journal, they believe they were within their freedom rights to post in preparations for the upcoming 4th of July event.

Elsewhere, Saena Zito, an author at the NewYork Post, reported that Facebook had censored her column on the adverse effects of the post-Trump campaign that left his campaigners in trouble. Nonetheless, Facebook later censored the content with the fear that it had malicious intent.


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