Privacy Concerns with Eventbrite

 Privacy Concerns with Eventbrite

Eventbrite has been in the ticketing and event-organizing business for a long time. And while the company may have grown to become a corporate figure, the company may have sorted to profit making rather putting the privacy of security of its customers first. A notable deeper issue with Eventbrite is that it collects user data, and shares the same information with third party affiliates. Perhaps it is time you considered to stop using Eventbrite. In this article, we discuss the reasons why you should not use ticketing service.

Eventbrite’s endless data breach incidents

Over the years, we have seen reports about security breaches at Eventbrite. Recently, Motherboard published a report about a hack, which happened on Ticketfly – an Eventbrite owned site. According to the report, a hacker took complete control of the ticketing site, defaced the homepage and stole customers’ data. The hacker also proceeded to share some of the stolen information online, with a promise to post more if he did not get paid. What’s more, the hacker took credit of the hack, that’s according to a tweet that was posted after. Moreover, we were shocked at the fact that Eventbrite could not tell the extent of the breach, and the exact stolen data. We also reckoned that if a hacker can access Ticketfly user data, then there’s nothing to stop them from accessing customer information of Eventbrite users.

Eventbrite always faces lawsuits

Following the constant cyber-attacks on Eventbrite, the company has been facing class-action suits. According to Billboard, the company was charged with a class-action lawsuit over a data breach, which had occurred months before the suit. Eventbrite had issued a statement calling the attack a cyber-incident. According to the published report, the class-action lawsuit claimed that Ticketfly compromised private user data, and therefore, they demand justice. While the injustices performed detailed on this lawsuit might be disturbing, Ripoff Report has been profiling various lawsuits against Eventbrite for their injustices on its customers.

Eventbrite will amend privacy policies without your knowledge to harm you

It is evident that Eventbrite will always amend policies that allow the company to take control over your privacy. An Eventbrite user brought to light about a hidden policy that gives the company exclusive rights to record and own the copyrights to all your events, including the private ones. However, Eventbrite later managed to openly apologize for the policy in a reply tweet to the user. Moreover, to protect themselves, the company further claimed that they had not recorded any data so far. But according to ArsTechnica, Backlash sent out a legal demand to Eventbrite, demanding they back-off from crashing on its clients’ events. Following this chain of events, we ask you not to put your trust in a service that only makes changes after they get noticed.

Eventbrite shares your data with third party apps

An online service that allows integration with third-party apps, implies that the service will share your personal information with its affiliate applications. And while this tradition may seem normal to you, exposing your personal data puts you in a dangerous position from attackers. Eventbrite knows the dangers of this practice, but they boldly allow for third-party app integration – a classical display of not caring for your online privacy and security.

Eventbrite increases pricing rates indirectly

Citing a recent ticketing news report, Eventbrite has decided to increase its prices of its cuts collected from event organizers. In a statement published in the cited report, it confirmed that the move by Eventbrite doesn’t really mean the company is charging less. Therefore, the company will now charge up to 2% of every ticket price as a service fee instead of the previous 1%. This desperate move to harm clients comes after the company went on a losing spree over the past three years, making losses amounting to $200 on the IPO market.

Eventbrite keeps mistreating its customers

According to Better Business Bureau, numerous Eventbrite users have posted their complaints on how the company has been mistreating them. In one testimony, a user complained that Eventbrite had failed to provide payment for an event he had organized. That was despite the event organizer having proof of sale of tickets to the event. In other posts, users complained about how Eventbrite is not keen on proper verification on those selling tickets, by allowing third-party apps to sell invalid tickets.


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