Privacy Concerns With Netflix

 Privacy Concerns With Netflix

Netflix has reached a record mark of 137.1 million plus subscribers globally. This tremendous growth has not gone without notice from cyber attackers, including hackers, phishers, as well as keyloggers. Moreover, the company now, due to its large user base, has also been making policies and moves that are not in the best interest of its consumers’ data. We came up with some of the reasons why you should not use Netflix anymore.

Netflix is planning to introduce ads

Various reports have been making headlines – about the move by Netflix to introduce video ads when its users are streaming content. The new ads will preview either within a movie/ series, or feature at the end of an episode, just before loading another. Before Netflix officially confirmed the outrageous move, a Netflix subscriber on Reddit posted their concerns about the ‘inescapable’ ads that previewed within shows. What is even shocking is a comment by another user on the same post, claiming they viewed a criminal-genre movie ad while streaming content from a Kids’ account.

Netflix doesn’t support user-reviews anymore

Netflix doesn’t support user reviews anymore, a move that was implemented in August 2018. An early report by CNET claimed that Netflix had confirmed its plans of removing all user reviews from their service. According to the report, Netflix was planning to roll out the plan in stages, beginning with disabling the user-reviews feature and later removing the existing reviews.

This unexpected move calls for the question; does Netflix care about your consumer feedback on its service delivery? The move marks a classical illustration of dictatorship from the company. A seemingly acceptable argument from Variety, that the company is afraid of negative reviews, as they’re bad for business.

There is a fake Netflix app in the loose

In 2017, a spying malware commonly known as SpyNote RAT was discovered disguised as an actual Netflix app. The fake Netflix app lured most Android and iOS users to download and use the app; as an actual Netflix app. According to a blog published on Zscaler’s website, the app was designed to disappear once you’ve downloaded and made an attempt to launch it. However, the real intention of the app was to eavesdrop on your mobile activity, from calls, texts, recordings, and even had the capability of sending these activities to the attacker. Shivang Desai, the author of the article, further added that the app could turn on your phone’s microphone and camera. Implying that the fake Netflix app can view and listen to what you’re doing on your handset.

Our concern is, how long it has taken Netflix to go around protecting its users from being victims of this ongoing scam.

Netflix is not a free service; it is now a target for phishing attacks

Netflix is a non-free streaming service, meaning users have to pay for the service. And whenever there are e-payments involved, cyber-attackers are always keeping an eye out for a security weakness they can exploit. According to a recent publication by KOMANDO, cyber-attackers seem to have found out a way of phishing payment details of all Netflix users. All Netflix users are getting phishing emails asking them to update their payment information. The contents of the email claim that the seemingly Netflix company having difficulties with the billing information on your account – thus the email request. And while this newly identified scam might be solved, we ask you, to what end?

According to The Register, most emailing platforms that are used by Netflix users, they all support dotted emails. Making it easier for the scammers to manipulate legitimacy when targeting users. James Fischer, a Netflix user, got a new email that was rather legitimate from the actual Netflix. However, according to his post, Gmail, which supports dotted accounts, had sent him a wrong, but identical email.

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