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Privacy Concerns with Ebooks

A journal dating back to 2001, once argued that the new generation of eBooks would come with both advantages and disadvantages as well. However, over the years the security concerns, as well as market issues arising from the use of eBooks, cannot fail to go unnoticed. The rise of eBooks has made us regret why we did not stick with printed books as before. Moreover, it is saddening how big publishers and sellers like Amazon have taken control of the eBooks, denying the actual authors of the eBooks the recognition and rewards they deserve. Furthermore, Amazon eBooks require your identity to get an eBook.

We took notice of this rising issues with eBooks and attributed them to the bad experience they may bring to you. In this article, we look at the reasons you should avoid using eBooks, and instead stick to the traditional printed books.

eBooks lack a standard publishing format

eBooks lack a standardised format for the published copies. Different eBook publishers opt for varied formats when publishing these electronic books. These disagreed upon varied formats confuse the readers.

eBooks tend to cause screen fatigue

In 2017, Phys Org reported that Britons, a British bookseller decided to shut down the sale of eBooks after they had observed a shift of consumer preference to traditional printed books. The noticeable shift was caused by screen fatigue – where consumers were growing tired of constantly staring at electronic devices. According to the British publishers, in their previous year (2016), they had observed a record £4.8 billion while the sale of eBooks went down with a significant 3% which saw sales of £538 million. The reports add that this falling trend in the sales of eBooks had been observed since 2015.

Digital Rights Management

Unlike eBooks, printed books allow readers to purchase them without having to sign any licence – which often restricts the usability features of the book. However, when it comes to eBooks, users are required to sign digital licences that end up controlling the use of the eBooks. Companies like Amazon, have always practiced this culture, thus, denying you the freedom to completely owning the book.

eBooks have been known to disregard the copyrights of authors, by allowing random internet users to copy an entire book; encouraging piracy in the long run. A Symantec employee published an article on their Norton’s blog section, citing major security concerns arising from eBooks. The employee claimed that there are various sites online that seem legitimate, and offer free eBook content of bestsellers that are otherwise meant for purchase. Others have sort to using encryption on their eBooks and the decryption keys shared with the genuine buyers. The problem, however, comes in the buyer wants to transfer the same eBook and access it on another device. The same eBook cannot also be shared with a friend, unlike printed books.

Some eBooks might be carrying malware links

Most eBooks downloaded from unverified retailers might have links, as well as harmful software that might install unintended malware on your device, once you accidentally open them. Cyber-attackers have been known to use a variety of ways to cause damage to your devices, or worse, get to your personal data. The advantage of sticking with printed books is that you have a guarantee no cyber-attacker will get to you via the book you’re reading.

A recent report by Daily Beast confirmed that hackers these days are using Fire& Fury to install malware on your devices. The report warns that these links are attached to copies of the book found on pirated sites, as well as torrent sites. Thus concluding that the price of getting eBooks could be paid in malware attacks. Stick to traditional printed books.

Problems with varied Hardware and Software Versions

Different users use varied versions of both hardware and software when reading eBooks. While some devices and software versions will offer a better experience when reading, other devices will make you strain. It is also factual that many eBook formats cannot be altered. This fact leaves with you with the burden of having to choose carefully the eBook and site to buy from. Authors and publishers are also forced to publish these eBooks in multiple formats to try to accommodate all their consumers. This whole operation adds on the cost of production.

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