Privacy Concerns with Microsoft

 Privacy Concerns with Microsoft

Microsoft has remained a big tech brand over the years. And while it may have brought a significant impact in the technology sector, the company has always been attributed to various security concerns. Various articles dating back to 2009, voiced concerns of how Microsoft products and its affiliates are raising security concerns to its users. In 2017, ZedNet reported that Microsoft forced its users to upgrade to the new Windows 10 version; threatening all Windows 7 users that the operating system was dangerous and insecure.

In this article, we’ve compiled various reasons why you should avoid using Microsoft and its products.

Microsoft will never stop censors

In 2014, USA Today compiled a list of top 10 internet censors around the world. In the same report, the author pointed out that Microsoft had joined arms with both Yahoo and Google to expose information on bloggers who used their platforms. These companies even decided to block various websites of the Vietnam government they hosted. Thus denying the country its freedom of speech. While that was not the last we saw Microsoft practice, various censors, in 2016, Microsoft’s Bing browser joined other browsers in search engine blacklisting.

Moreover, early this year, Microsoft made significant changes to its Service Agreement; a move that raised concerns whether it meant the move would mean Email censorship. Recently, we saw the peak of the company’s power to curb your freedom of speech, when they forced Gab to take down two posts published by a user. Gab, being a fast upcoming social media platform for users looking to share their minds and views without restrictions.

Microsoft keeps violating women gender rights

In 2015, WccfTech reported that a former female employee had taken the company to court over gender discrimination. The lawsuit was driven by the company’s low salaries pay and lack of promotions for females in technical departments. Until June, Bloomberg reported that the same lawsuit was still in court with a verdict waited from the judge assigned to the case. However, according to The Register, the 8,000 plus technical employees who joined the gender discrimination to fight for their rights, were recently served with bad news, when the judge found unconfirmed flaws. While the case might still be actively fought, Microsoft who have always had the upper hand, have managed to turn the case in their advantage. Implying a good number of the gender discriminated employees, might never get their rightful justice.

Microsoft doesn’t care about your privacy rights

In March 2018, Microsoft published its new Service Agreement terms that were later effected on the following month. According to Daily Mail, the new terms raised a spark of privacy concerns from various users. ‘Vague terms,’ was the alleged phrase given to the newly updated Service Agreement – which meant that Microsoft now has the right to investigate your data and conversations as well. The new terms affect all its products, including Xbox, Emails as well as Skype. Mid this year we saw Microsoft teaming up with other big techs to fight a lawsuit filed by the California state that was meant to protect consumer data privacy.

Microsoft keeps sending annoying Ads of its products

Following the constant development of Windows 10, Microsoft has been using the operating system to bombard its users with annoying ads. In 2017, The Verge published a report saying Microsoft is now blasting the taskbar with tips as well as uncalled for games (Candy Crush). The reporter continued to say that OneDrive too is sending endless notifications to File Explorer, nagging users to pay for the Office 365 service.

Early this year, a similar report by The Verge, condemned the unhealthy war of Microsoft against its browser competitor, Chrome – about its annoying warning to Windows users against using the browser. In their ads, they claim that Chrome is draining your battery fast and that each user should only use Microsoft Edge. The reporter pointed out that Microsoft had violated its original intent of sending helpful tips to its users. But instead, the company had decided to use the OS as a platform to market their products.


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