Privacy Concerns with Eventbrite

Eventbrite has been in the ticketing and event-organizing business for a long time. And while the company may have grown to become a corporate figure, the company may have sorted to profit making rather putting the privacy of security of its customers first. A notable deeper issue with Eventbrite is that it collects user data, […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Evernote

Evernote, an online notes-syncing service has been faced with numerous setbacks to make you want to exit the service. Recurring issues like security breaches, raising privacy concerns, and its inevitable closure are among the major reasons you should quit the service. Here here’s why. Your job at Evernote is not guaranteed Months ago, Evernote was […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Lyft

Lyft may have become a giant riding service, but its illegal acts contradict what we expect from them. For instance, Lyft will lure you into giving them your data, but they will not want to let go of the data once you exit the service. This act has seen many users suffer from the contradiction […]Read More

More Privacy Concerns With Intel

From being the greatest chipmaker, with a good track record – to being an unsecure, and untrustworthy corporation, Intel is a brand to worry about. Intel, a chip manufacturing company, has for a while been faced by lawsuits, product attacks, market competitions; and its misgivings. We took notice of the injustices it performs on its […]Read More

Privacy Concerns With Netflix

Netflix has reached a record mark of 137.1 million plus subscribers globally. This tremendous growth has not gone without notice from cyber attackers, including hackers, phishers, as well as keyloggers. Moreover, the company now, due to its large user base, has also been making policies and moves that are not in the best interest of […]Read More

Privacy Concerns With Amtrak

Since 2014, there have been growing concerns about Amtrak’s security especially identity theft reports. According to Trend Micro, an Amtrak employee had been selling passenger data to a Drug Enforcement Agency. The alleged employee had received over $854,460 in payment from the buyers in the two decades of identity theft. To date, there have been […]Read More

Privacy Concerns With Amazon

Throughout the years, Amazon has remained as one of the largest e-commerce platforms – but that’s not all. The company has since expanded its service, and now it has various products such as cloud computing (Amazon Web Services), Alexa, etc. And while it has been doing well, there have been major concerns that should worry […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Airbnb

Airbnb is an enterprise platform that was established back in 2008. Its main objective is to enable homeowners to rent out their extra rooms, apartments, or when they are not using their homes. Airbnb has since risen with over 2 million listings across 190+ countries globally. While the AirBnB’s platform allows hosts to earn from […]Read More

Facebook Privacy Abuses

In 2017, Facebook boasted 2.2 billion active users on a monthly basis. Meaning the company now has an influence cutting across people of all diversity. The social media app has become so common, that everyone is expected to have an account with them. However, over the years, the company has been engaged in multiple unlawful […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Apple

While Apple might be seemingly an attractive brand to covet, there are practices carried by the company that should alarm you. Here are the reasons why you should avoid using Apple products. Apple is in league with authorities to spy on you In 2011, WikiLeaks published a report claiming that Apple was in association with […]Read More

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