How to Secure Your Email from Malware Attacks

Email attacks have been common since the early days of the internet. Phishing attacks in particular can lure unsuspecting users into giving away their personal information without even realizing it. Phishing emails include seemingly harmless links. When clicked, they install malicious software (or malware) on a company’s network that can spread through multiple computers.  The […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Skype

Until May 2011, Skype had a legendary reputation of keeping its large user-base private and secure. Prying eyes of various governments could not manage to get through to Skype’s user conversations for intelligence reasons.  A 2007 report by V3 voiced complaints from the Germany Policy Forces that they could not spy on Skype calls. Techworld […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Ebooks

A journal dating back to 2001, once argued that the new generation of eBooks would come with both advantages and disadvantages as well. However, over the years the security concerns, as well as market issues arising from the use of eBooks, cannot fail to go unnoticed. The rise of eBooks has made us regret why […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Google

Like Facebook, Google collects enormous user data. If you read Google’s privacy settings carefully, you will be shocked, by how much data Google gets to collect from you. Personal data ranging from Google searches, YouTube favorites, Chrome’s browsing history, Audio, and video apps, as well as Google maps tracking your every location. Moreover, the company […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Microsoft

Microsoft has remained a big tech brand over the years. And while it may have brought a significant impact in the technology sector, the company has always been attributed to various security concerns. Various articles dating back to 2009, voiced concerns of how Microsoft products and its affiliates are raising security concerns to its users. […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Discord

Discord, a new-gen chatting platform designed for gamers, recorded a user base of 100 million registered users in 2017. The app has extended its reach to the dark web, despite its lack of end-to-end encryption as Beeping Computer reports. And while this chatting service for online gamers might be helpful to many, there are security […]Read More

Empire of the megacorporation – the Biggest threat to data

A report by the New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo warns that the frightful big-tech corporations such as Amazon, Google, Apple Microsoft, and Facebook – are collectively more powerful than most governments. In this article, we look at some of the moves made by megacorporation organizations that threaten our internet freedom. The FCC lied […]Read More

Privacy Concerns with Linkedin

LinkedIn is a seemingly professional platform initially meant to link the employer and the employee, as well as the entrepreneur and the consumer/ partner. However, over the years, that original objective changed with the company now concentrating on profit making. The rather selfish moves (including supporting ads), made by the company have attracted various cyber-criminals […]Read More

Hive: CIA’s infrastructure for controlling its malware

On November 9th, 2017, WikiLeaks published six documents from the CIA’s Hive project – created by its Embedded Development Branch (EDB). Hive is a CIA back-end infrastructure malware that has a public-facing HTTPS interface, used by the agency’s implants to transfer obstructed data from target machines to the CIA. The program also receives commands from […]Read More

Disturbing France UAE Arms deal with Al Yousef

It’s a tedious job to look deep into the murky world of large-scale government arms dealings. It gets even notoriously harder separating the legitimate from illegitimate deals, in a world where lobbying, connections, and secrecy are part of the job.WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing site published a UAE dealmaker: Al Yusef. The published document has once again […]Read More

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